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Castlereagh Artificial Breeders - Artificial Breeding Services, Supplies and Equipment

Artificial Breeding Services, Supplies and Equipment

Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer

Castlereagh Artificial Breeders provides synchronized artificial insemination and embryo transfer programs to suit the customer needs throughout Northern NSW.

Semen & Equipment Sales

Castlereagh Artificial Breeders offers a full range of Beef & Dairy Semen from all the leading Bovine Semen Marketing companies, as well as an extensive range of privately held semen.

View our online private Semen Sales Listings and 2nd hand equipment currently available. 

Bull Collection, Straw & Embryo Storage & Shipping

Castlereagh Artificial Breeders provide bull collection, semen & embryo storage and marketing services for your valuable bulls and only the most up to date technologies are used to ensure we produce the best quality product.

Despatch & shipping service - straws & embryos can be shipped around Australia at your request

Artificial Insemination Equipment

Castlereagh Artificial Breeders provides a full range of artificial insemination equipment, and can also assist in ordering in less commonly stocked items of equipment.

Liquid Nitrogen Supplies (Sales & Delivery)

Castlereagh Artificial Breeders has a full range of Liquid Nitrogen and Semen Storage Containers, as well as equipment including extractors, dippers and measuring sticks. Deliveries are made regularly throughout Northern NSW, and pickup is available by request.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst all care and due diligence is taken, Castlereagh Artificial Breeders and its employees cannot and do not guarantee the conception rate, quality or productivity to be obtained in connection with the use of its products or any recommended techniques, therefore Castlereagh Artificial Breeders makes no warranty of any kind what so ever, expressed or implied which extend beyond the description of the products and all warranties are hereby disclaimed.